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‘23 and AV: Transportation Industry to Drive Into Metaverse, Cloud Technologies
The Hunt Is On: ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ Next-Gen Update Coming to GeForce NOW
What Is a Pretrained AI Model?
Hittin’ the Sim: NVIDIA’s Matt Cragun on Conditioning Autonomous Vehicles in Simulation
Banking on AI: Deutsche Bank, NVIDIA to Accelerate Adoption of AI for Financial Services
License for the AI Autobahn: NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.0 Introduces New Tools to Speed Success
Visual Effects Artist Jay Lippman Takes Viewers Behind the Camera This Week ‘In the NVIDIA Studio’
AI at the Point of Care: Startup’s Portable Scanner Diagnoses Brain Stroke in Minutes
Speech AI Expands Global Reach With Telugu Language Breakthrough
GFN Thursday Dashes Into December With 22 New Games, Including ‘Marvel Midnight Suns’ Streaming Soon
Cheers to AI: Monarch Tractor Launches First Commercially Available Electric, ‘Driver Optional’ Smart Tractor
Meet the Omnivore: Cloud Architect Takes Infrastructure Visualization to New Heights With NVIDIA Omniverse
Qubit Pharmaceuticals Accelerates Drug Discovery With Hybrid Quantum Computing
3D Artist and Educator Hsin-Chien Huang Takes VR to the World Stage This Week ‘In the NVIDIA Studio’
Siemens Taps Omniverse Replicator on AWS for Synthetic Data Generation to Accelerate Defect Detection Model Development by 5x
NVIDIA Partners With NHS Trusts to Deploy AI Platform in UK Hospitals
MAP Once, Run Anywhere: MONAI Introduces Framework for Deploying Medical Imaging AI Apps
NVIDIA Wins NeurIPS Awards for Research on Generative AI, Generalist AI Agents
Turn Black Friday Into Green Thursday With New GeForce NOW Deal
What Is a Smart Hospital?